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Friday, 28 October 2011

Flickr Groups for Shops Part 2

Here's some more Flickr groups for you to peruse, enjoy!
Plastic Fashion - one of my very favourite shops that has recently reopened, be sure to stare at the beautiful dresses. *sigh*
AnneArchy Creations - another shop I have yet to cover, check out the group in the meantime. I WISH I'd snagged the Bee Girl outfit :-(
Chu Things - Some awesome stuff here, you can also find them on Google+ for sneak previews.
Button Arcade - needs no introduction from me. Pockets + dresses = love
Poupee Mechanique  - Sheer sewing wonderment.
Moshi Moshi - Another of my faves, you'll see why if you go here!
Mimsy Bueno - Last but not least, a shop I hope to cover VERY soon as the hats are just...well, see for yourself.


  1. Thanks for adding us here! FYI, the bee girl outfit is still available if you're interested! :)

    Anne from AnneArchy

  2. Hello! I have a group too :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/pinkbunny_blythe/6300848237/in/pool-734858@N20/



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